Beginner’s Guide: Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing guide
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Term “Digital Marketing” refers to marketing via Digital electronic media.

Have you ever tried to promote your business ? Have you ever tried to analyse your business growth?
If so, you will know it is difficult to get the exact data, analyse the problem and latest trends.
Digital marketing will help to promote your business, show your business growth and help you to analyse the market current scenario. Many people get success and growing their business rapidly. Do you want to know the secrets of Digital Marketing? There are few things you should know about Digital Marketing fundamentals before you get proper benefits out of it. This will will help you understand Digital marketing terms and help you to generate more revenue from you business.

What is Digital Marketing?

In a simple words, digital marketing is to promote your business electronically i.e Internet, Mobile Devices etc.
There are two types of Marketing:
1. Traditional Marketing
2. Digital Marketing

Beginner's Guide- Digital Marketing
Beginner’s Guide- Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing:

We will understand traditional marketing by an example. Lets suppose we started a business. How will you attract customer to you business? The simple way is to tell about your business to you friends, relatives etc. and explain them about the product what you are selling. the another approach is to create a attractive banner and paste it across the city. Exactly this is Traditional Approach of Marketing.

Digital Marketing:

As Internet grows, the ways of marketing starts to change rapidly. Merchants started to think about the various ways to attract the customers.
Instead of pasting banner to cities, marketing team come up with the idea of placing ad over the internet. Now a days Internet is reachable around 78% people worldwide. So it is easy to expand business and do marketing worldwide.
There are various forms of Digital Marketing:

1. Email Marketing

2. Video Marketing

3. Blog Marketing

4. Social Media Marketing

5. Infographics Marketing

Marketing teams are continuously looking on more innovative ways to attract customers and generate huge revenue. ThinkInnovative team will stay you up to date on the different marketing styles.

Now you know the basics of Digital marketing and how it is different from Traditional Marketing, you are ready to get into the different forms of digital marketing and start applying to your business without worry.

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