Make your Personal Cloud with Raspberry Pi and Tonido

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Hello friends, in today’s world we all use cloud storage.

We know that taking up cloud storage subscription is very expensive.

No need to waste money for taking up cloud storage subscription, if you have a Raspberry Pi and an always working internet connection at your home.

In this tutorial we will use Tornido software to accomplish the above task. You may purchase a 2 TB HDD and use it as your cloud from you laptop, Mobile phones or Tablets from anywhere in the world with a working internet connection and this is very easy to configure on Raspberry Pi.

Please follow the below instructions to create you personal cloud and with no security concerns for your data as it will be managed by you and not by any third party vendor.

Before starting this tutorial, make sure Raspbian is installed and running on your Raspberry Pi.

We will use Tonido client-server to make our cloud. I am using toned as this can be accessed from your local server as well and it is very easy to install Tonido.

Start by updating

sudo apt-get update

Make a directory for downloading Tonido server software

sudo mkdir /usr/local/tonido

Go to this Directory

cd /usr/local/tonido

Now download Tonido server

sudo wget

Now Untar the file by the following command

sudo tar -zxvf tonido.tar.gz

Now run tornado server

./ start

The server has started, now you have to login into your local tornado server to configure Tonido as a cloud and use it as a media server locally as well as from the internet.

Use the following link in your browser to enter the setup window.

<your local ip address>:10001<port number>

The setup is very simple. Follow the setup and us tornado by downloading the tonido application from Google play store or App store of apple, the good thing is the application is absolutely free.

Enjoy your personal high storage cloud anywhere or within your home network.

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