Torrent Server on Raspberry Pi

Torrent Server on Raspberry PI 3
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No need to keep your system always powered on to download big torrent files. Make your Raspberry pi as a torrent server.

Place torrent from your primary machine, shutdown you machine and save power while raspberry pi will do downloading for you.

I have chosen Deluge for this task as it is Free, oldest one in torrent clients and has all the features.

Let us start

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Now install deluge torrent client

sudo apt-get deluge deluged

After the software is installed add user to the auth file, to connect from the deluge software on your main machine.

cp ~/.config/deluge/auth ~/.config/deluge/auth.old #backing up your file
sudo nano ~/.config/deluge/auth

Now in the file add you user.


Now open up your deluge client in raspberry and go to

Preferences ->Deamon -> Check "Allow Remote Connection"

This will enable your raspberry deluge to use remote connection.

You can also use your deluge from your browser. This will work good for your iOS and Android devices. The are many application that may also support remote connection but browsers are universal tool. If you do not want to install deluge client on your main machine you can always work through by the browser.

On you Raspberry Deluge application go to

Preferences -> Plugin -> check "WebUI"

Now go to

Preferences -> WebUI -> check "Enable web interface"

Close deluge application on your raspberry pi and go to command line.

Type in the following commands

sudo kill deluged

Now you have two ways to run deluge thin-client, add torrent from your main machine or mobile and the download will be done on your raspberry pi.


First: Using the Web UI.

Launch deluge application in your Raspberry pi.

Open you browser and type

<your ip address(eg-:>:<port number(default is 8112)>

Add torrents to download on raspberry pi and close you browser as soon as done. Your will be downloaded on raspberry pi.


Second: Using deluge application on you windows, Mac machines.

Download and install deluge application from

Open up your application and go to

Preferences -> Interface -> Uncheck "Classic Mode : Enable"

Restart your application and you will get a connection pop-up

Enter your ip address in Host:

Note: I have used the username and password as given in the auth file earlier. Please scroll up to check.

Now click on add button.

If it turns green click connect and start using your torrent client.

If it is red and not turning green, please go through this final extra step.

Open up terminal and type

sudo kill deluged

Note : Do not start deluge client on your raspberry pi by GUI in this method. It will not work.

Now enjoy your Torrent Box.

For more clarifications i will upload a video soon.


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